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Mako Oilfield Services provides you with the best tools and rental equipment to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently and to help reduce project downtime. 

Mako depends on only using the finest equipment available on the market today. No matter what type of job you need done, whether it's bend, weld, flare, (manually, semi-automatic, or fully automatic) Swage, Cone and Thread, Hydro Test, ORFS, we have what you need here.



Ercolina Top Bender 050KD
Tube Capacity: 2½"
Pipe Capacity: 2" Sch. 40
Power Requirements: 220V or 440V/3ph

Ercolina Super Bender 060
Tube Capacity: 2"
Pipe Capacity: 1½" Sch. 40
Power Requirements: 120V single phase

Parker Autoclave Coning & Threading Machine
Tube Capacity: 3⁄8" thru 1"
Tubing: Medium & High Pressure Tubing up to 60K
Power Requirements: 120V single phase

Greenlee Segment Bender 777
Pipe/Conduit Capacity: ½" thru 4"
Power Requirements: 120V single phase
Comes with hydraulic pump

Parker Tube Bender 424
Tube Capacity: ¼" thru 1½"

Parker KarryFlare 37degree Hydraulic Flaring Tool
Tube Capacity: ¼" thru 1½" x .120 wall

Swagelok Multihead Hydraulic Swaging Unit
Tube Capacity: 1" thru 2" x .120 wall

Aeroquip ProCrimp Machine 1390
Crimps braided and spiral hose through -32 size
Flat field crimp through -16
Barrel field crimp through -20
Flat single skive 1- & 2-wire braid crimp through -32
Flat single skive 4-wire spiral crimp through -32

Parker 632 Hydraulic Bender
The Parker Model HB632 Tube Bender is a hydraulically operated bender for bending annealed steel and stainless steel tubing from 3/8" O.D. through 2" O.D. It is operated by means of a separate power source producing 10,000 psi hydraulic pressure.



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