Mako Oilfield Services Safety

Safety is everyone’s job. It is the responsibility of all of the members of our team to work together to proactively identify potential hazards, observe all rules and guidelines and implement the training they have received and to work closely with our customers when we’re on your site to recognize your Health, Safety and Environmental objectives.

It shall be Mako Oilfield Services, LLC.’s policy to conduct all operations safely by instituting the appropriate safety measures that will prevent injuries to persons, damage to property, and control losses. When an employee begins work here, that employee has a right to expect a safe place in which to work and to be provided with the proper machines, tools and equipment to do the job safely.

Mako Oilfield Services, LLC. has a management commitment to promote safety, to operate in a safe manner and to always strive to improve Mako Oilfield Services, LLC.’s safety record.  
To carry out these objectives the following procedures have been established:

  1. Mako Oilfield Services, LLC. will conduct a pre-employment survey to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all workers by not requiring them to work at tasks exceeding their physical limitations.
  2. Loss prevention engineering reviews will be conducted periodically to evaluate equipment and processes and to plan job procedures so that exposure to injury is eliminated or controlled.   
  3. Mako Oilfield Services, LLC. will institute a Hazardous Material Communication Program to inform employees as to the hazards of chemical compounds they are working with and how to protect themselves.
  4. Noise level testing will be done to identify employees who are exposed to noise at or above 85 dB average over an 8-hour time weighted average.
  5. Scheduled periodic inspection will be conducted of all work areas to identify unsafe conditions and work practices.
  6. Review all on-the-job accidents and occupational illnesses to determine their cause.
  7. When a clearly compensable disabling or serious workplace injury occurs Mako Oilfield Services, LLC. will respond in a quick and positive way.
  8. Unsafe conditions and work practices will be corrected as uncovered by periodic inspections and the review of accidents and illnesses.
  9. Mako Oilfield Services, LLC. will return partially recovered workers to restricted, limited, or modified duty corresponding to the restrictions set by the attending physician.
  10. Scheduled instructional training will be conducted on the hazards unique to each employee’s work assignment.
  11. Employees will be trained in general safe work practices at the time of hire and trained specifically for his or her job before being assigned to the job or before being assigned to any new work assignment.
  12. Safety awareness programs will be conducted to highlight the importance of safe work practices among all employees. The program may include a safety award program or contest. 
  13. Mako Oilfield Services, LLC.’s Code of Safe Practices shall be posted at a conspicuous location at each job site or be provided to each supervisory employee who shall have it readily available. 
  14. Mako Oilfield Services, LLC. will ensure the availability of a suitable number of appropriately trained persons to render first aid as well as an appropriate First-Aid Kit to provide emergency aid.
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